What's the fastest you have been limited?

I just opened a 10bet account. I placed six bets then I got limited.
The matches didn’t even start they just limited me right away.

I still have my mouth open not understanding what happened.

Three of the first four games was green though. And I have one bet open this night and another tomorrow night. So at least I managed to turn a profit…

My 888sport account lasted 29 bets and 2 days
I was up 5 units or so.

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William hill. 7 days £110 profit

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10Bet only 4bets (under 25€ bets), a complete waste of time!

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I honestly don’t think they detect by profit made, I think it’s patterns, and value betting is very easy for an algorithm to notice and shut you down pretty much instantly.

I’ve had multiple sites shut me down within days, even without a profit!

I believe that BetVictor atleast restricts those who have made a profit, just when you get to the plus side…

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That’s a brilliant way to create a happy base of users :smiley:

Yeah I totally agree. I just started placing valuebets and BOOM I was gone.

While on the other hand Bet365, Unibet and ATG (swedish) I’ve had my accounts for years and I was probably concidered as a regular old punter. So I could make really good profits at both Bet365 and Unibet before they got on my tail. ATG is still rolling strong.

So now I’ve dusted off my old account at comeon (same odds as 10bet in Sweden at least) and have started placing normal bets there and will do so for a while in the hopes of maybe getting their algo to like me before I start placing valuebets. Maybe even take a few bigger swings with parlays and lose a bit of money on purpose (or get lucky and win).

unibet, 1 bet 5 eur :smile:

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