Whatsapp group for everyone

Can’t we create a WhatsApp group where we can solve problems together and help others …

Thanks so much


What’s wrong with this platform?

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It is hard to find some thing and not easy to operate …


Bro there could be some legal issues for certain countries as well :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Other betting systems have a whatsapp group so it can be done

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Ok then let’s have a Whatsapp group . That’s good

If you consider you will understand that here is a forum and is some how better than WhatsApp group,
Because you will see topics that interest you and follow it.

A WhatsApp group would be an easy and quick way to solve problems and discuss anything about value/sure betting, while for general issues this platform is good… I’m down if you’ll ever create one. Also, a Telegram group would be better in my opinion.

I think he’s making sense, please let form a whatsapp group it doesn’t stop us from visiting our forum here, because I’m new and some of my questions are not being replied

whatsapp, facebook group, telegram, discord and others … will never be better than real forum
after time, there will be chaos, noone will take care of it

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Is okk if you say soo

Good idea broe

No Wsp or telegram :frowning: