When did you guys get limited

Hi guys,

I’m soon to reach 2000 bets and already starting to get limited.

Right now I’m only capped on small events and didn’t notice any limitations on major ones.

My max stake is €20 and I’m making around €500 a month with it.

My question is, do you think keeping my highest stake at 20 would be advisable to avoid any further limitations?

My thinking is that maybe if I only take €200 from each bookies a month they’ll leave me alone, and if it’s the case I’d be alright not raising the stakes, but if I’ll get limited after making say 2k profit at Unibet regardless of how long it took I’d rather raise the stakes and be done with it.

Hope this makes sense, thanks for your help.

I think no one knows the exact conditions and/or algorithm for being limite. Taking your example (unibet), I have the impression they have an automated algorithm that limits progressively the players as they start succeeding in specific leagues and/or sport (again not sure what is the exact trigger). This means you could still smash some high bets in specific sports, but not in others.
Since I am not sure, my approach is just to extract as much as fast as possible. With Unibet, this will just lead to your limit going lower and lower, except on big leagues where the limit may stay more or less high (because the market is more liquid).

I am not sure the taking only 200€ a month will work in the sense that if they catch you over time, you may have missed the opportunity to extract more money by betting more (in a shorter timeframe). Not sure if I am making myself clear, but that would basically mean that you may have an opportunity cost by betting too slow.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I will gradually increase my stake then.
Will update here once they limit me more and at which point stakes and winnings wise, in case anyone’s interested

And maybe to add to the above : it’s always good to “warm up” an account with a few random (not too risky) bets on big leagues in the beginning. Raking money as fast as possible comes then after that or when they start limiting you. As far as I know : unibet is the only one applying progressive limits, others tend to just brutally limit to a very low amount

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