Where do I cancel automatic subscription?

I couldn’t find out where I do this, so I sent you an email on 5. January to kindly do this for me.

Now, 23. January, I check with my bank and I see that RebelBetting has charged me for another month even though I stopped using your service at the time of writing to you.

I expect you to cancel my auto-renew and I also expect a refund.

Well, I finally found out how to cancel my subscription.

No response on email. No response here. Top notch customer service!

It’s the third link on the support page, under Manage my account.

Sorry but I couldn’t find any conversations from this email, but if you sent a question and you didn’t get a reply we’ll of course refund your subscription. Just email support at rebelbetting and attach your email (and link to this conversation) and I’ll fix it.

The community is not a support channel (this is mentioned when you sign up), so don’t expect instant replies here.

Found your email. For some reason it had not entered the inbox of the support system we are using. Your last transaction has now been refunded in full. Really sorry for the inconvenience!