Which bookies let you keep account open the longest?

Hi there,
I have been valuebetting for 5 months. I was £1200 up after a month and only £900 now, 2months and 1500 bets later, but I trust the variance to sort itself out over time.
After 3 months, Sporting and Hills (two of my main ones) severely restricted me. For the being I am able to use a Hills account in my wife’s name but a similar attempt with Sporting didn’t last long. Tbh bet365 alone would almost keep me afloat. What are people’s experience re: gubbing? I have been a mug punter for years, so I hope that helps prolong there anyway. And the stakes are similar to what I usually bet, and always rounded. And what other bookies could people advise me to join that doesn’t limit you too soon as well? I am based in the Uk.
Basically I want to ensure I can do this as long as possible!
Many thanks

Don’t really have any response to your question, since pretty much all bookies that I know of restrict… You could try with brokers like betinasia which are amazing for never restricting, except they don’t allow uk customers. asianconnect might be an option, but I’m not entirely sure how they work, or if the bookmakers they have access to allow uk customers.

I’m curious as to bet365 actually. Have you really not been restricted at all with them? What sort of stakes are you using? Do you bet on everything, not avoiding low liquidity leagues etc? I’m in a similar position to you, in terms of unibet, leovegas and betway giving some heavy restrictions, so I too would love to find a bookie that wouldn’t mind getting abused to hell and back lol

No. Though I have only been doing them the last few months. I have lost countless amounts to them over the years so maybe that’s what’s giving me a bit of leeway! They still see me as a mug punter despite all the bets of Thai division three women’s football! :joy: With my yield so far below expected value so far I am worried that I will be effectively stopped from getting to the stage where the variance comes back my way. Should have quit when I was ahead of the curve maybe but that was before the accounts started getting restricted!