Which bookies only look at win/loss

Do you have experience on which bookmakers are most likely to only limit you when your actual PnL is winning? Or are these times gone now and every bookmaker will limit us based on the bet CLV?

Like for example I know that Bet365 has limited my account when I was pnl losing but the bets were good and winning CLV, so they got the better of me, well they just ran lucky. But I think there might be some bookies that look more at the only pnl, perhaps the old UK bookies?

I don’t think any do😅it’s safe to assume all look at CLV, it’s common for bookmaker accounts to get gubbed in a day or two nowadays(60% of my soft accounts), what this tells you is that they look at clv/betting patterns and not profit because two days is too short to judge based on profit.

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