Which proportion of my initial bankroll to which bookie?

Hi All,

I am pulakio,

I am thinking to start here after I tried value betting in the past with another account and I lost money on my first 800 bets and I am wondering like what proportion of my bankroll to put in which account. I am in Luxembourg and I have registered to all 32 bookies that I found on this website. However I think not so many here in Luxembourg but maybe in France or Germany? I think these will be similar countries in terms of bookies.

I am thinking

Bet365 - 50%
Unibet - 25%
Rest 30 - each around 1%

Of course this depends on how many bets come from Rebel to each platform?

Anyone want to help me?


Go with three bookies. B365 should have about 60-70% of your BR.

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