Which way do We go after being restricted (UK)

I just clocked 1400 bets and got restricted at:
William Hill
Boyle Sports
Whats worrying is the fact I haven’t made significant profit on any of these bookies.
I have a plan to set second accounts and play on them with vpn/private browsing setting.
Im just wondering how come some of people have above 20000 bets and still finding way to play.
Im based in UK and Im starting to panic slowly due to running out of bookies I could potentially scalp the profit.
Is f.e. removing asian handicaps slowing down the restrictions?

Many many thanks

U have to try betfair smarket. They are exchange. Don’t limit ur winning mate

Very few VBs showing upon Betfair. And the one the does show are almost always gone or just a few € left to match.
Of all the soft bookies, b3t365 is the most profitable one and I cleared more with them than the rest of the softies combined.