Why 1xbet should be avoided

As you guys may notice there is a ton of value bets at 1xbet, but this is just a trap let me explain :
I started value betting yesterday on 1xbet, I did around 70 bet, today I started value betting again and after around 30 bets, I started noticing that no bet on their platforme have the same odds that the ones I receive, so in conclusion they only allow you around 100 bets on the odds you see when you are not logged in, once you log in you get a lower odds.

conclusion : the value bets that you see comming in bulk when you select 1xbet on rebelbetting are just a lie, once you will put some value bets on their platforme u will start getting shady odds.

I was extremely happy yesterday because at this number of value bets I was getting success was ineluctable but my hopes and dreams are gone now

dont bet with them !! avoid them.