Why AH data of williamhill always wrong?

Everytime I get williamhill AH bets in valuebetting, the real odds and AH handicap are different in williamhill.
And other bookmakers are just right.
My network is also smooth.
And I realized just soccer AH handicap data, the 3-ways odds and other sports is just correct.

I have noticed the same problem. Usually the handicap line does not exist (or has disappeared) and it stay on the available bets list for a long time.

yes, maybe the valuebetting is too slow to detect the williamhill AH odds

This morning all the odds on WH are off. Especially tennis bets are all long gone, but keep coming up as available.

The program appears to be swapping 1X and 12 on the Double Chance.

Also, the ages of the WH bets are one or two days old now.

Can we have an update on what is happening, please?

The feed which we fetch the odds from has deeplinks that lead to, what could be described as, the old design of their site. As an example, the game between Spain and Faroe Islands has the link:


On that page there is a AH -4.5 on Spain that IS NOT available on the “new” site. The new site url to the same match is:


So, I’m guessing that you are on the “new” site after login?

We’re digging into this to see what we can do about it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Lars,

Things had begun to improve this past week but yesterday and today there seems to have been a reversion - and a lot of the odds are wrong again.

You are correct that it is the new site loading for me - I only wish there was a way of me choosing the WH site I need.

Thanks for your assistance,


Thanks for the feedback.

We’re hoping to get some more info on this difference and find a way to only show the ones you can access.