Why are there so little topics on Arbitrage?

Just wondering, why are there so many topics on Value betting rather than Sure betting? I am just getting started and I am planning to get into Sure Betting for the long term. Is there something that i am maybe i am not aware of about Sure betting?


Hey. I want to warn you. Confident bets or “forks” may show incorrect outcomes for different events. These errors can lead to loss of funds. As it was with me. The scanner does not correctly display the outcome of the match.


Yes, there are fewer topics about sure betting. One of the reasons is that we launched ValueBetting at same time as we created the Community, so there were a lot of action on value betting topics right from the start. Feel free to create new interesting topics about sure betting as well! :slight_smile:

Hi, I am sorry to hear that you lost money because of betting on different markets. I know you have written to support about this as well and we have discussed this issue in more detail. Our dev team have been informed about this as well and we are looking into this issue.

Please note that these kind of errors are not very common, but sometimes they do happen. Scanning errors are unfortunately inevitable due to the millions of odds we collect and process every day.

Please note that it is always your responsibility to validate that all bets are correct before you place any money on them. Always verify your bets before confirming them at the bookmakers. Double check that everything is correct. Double check the participants, odds, bet type, time of event, stake etc. It will just take a few seconds extra to check this, and it is time well spent.