Why can't you make a killing from sure bets?

I haven’t looked into that much but from what I can see you can get sure bets up to 10%?. Let’s say average 5% well if you put on 10 per month that’s 50% but I don’t get that impression people are making that much even with many more bets placed than 10. So what am I missing here?

You have to fund at least two bookmakers and balance the accounts after you have turned over the bankroll a few times. i would say that surebets around 3-5% are common but 10%? That would be unusual. I am not doing much surebetting this days though…

And the biggest thing is getting banned?

How long will you likely last?

I have seen people making 300k SEK lasting 6 months and people loosing a few thousand SEK and lasting a few days. personally I am disappointed if the account gets limited within one month.

Both you guys are very optimistic. Ive been sure betting > year now, and have never seen 10% , even when I was on Pro. 1.5- 2.0% is a figure to manage your expectations…and , as Totrashbin says…you are constantly topping up ONE, and withrawing from ANOTHER. Im gubbed everywhere, so just put on what I can, and pray for Exchanges to be offering one side of the bet.
Big warning here. You can easily get carried away and place the wrong bet!! and lose on all outcomes. Its happened to me twice now. On one occasion , I was shocked to see my profit rocket for the day…and on th eflip side, Pissed when I was in a -ve for a day…which takes some doing for Sure Betting :slight_smile: