Why do I keep gettting this on bet365

Why does this keep happening? I tried increasing my limits to the max but it doesnt seem to work…
Does anyone else have this issue?
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I get the same, and other bookmakers have problems too since this morning. Here in Italy noone can access bet365 and other bookies. We’re all waiting for the issue to be solved

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Do u know exactly what the issue is? I thought I reached my daily login limit but that cant be it (12hrs/day). I have had this issue for a couple of days.

Yes. I have the same issue, but not only with Bet365. As @Alessandro_Bartolini said, it looks like a general issue with many brokers. This is the message that appears on Bet365 homepage now: "We are aware that some issues are occurring with the account log-ins. Our supplier is currently working to find a solution to the problem. We are sorry for the created inconveniences "

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If you’ve had it for a couple of days maybe it’s another issue. All I know is that today in Italy some sites (runned by the government; and bookies have the government license) aren’t working

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i have that issue on bet365 too for kile a week.i dont know if its just me but after this i get limited to 0 so no more bet365.

I have an issue with bet365 where I have to reset my pw. Can happen twice a day. Quite annoying!
Do you experience that you gett logged out after about 10-15 minutes of betting? Only thing I have to do is log in again… (unless the pw has to be reset :frowning_face:)

That sounds annoying, I havent had that issue myself. I noticed i get logged out pretty fast too, this is irritating because their customer support said i was restricted because i reached the daily maximum logins per day (ridiculous…). If there was a way to disable the auto log out i would gladly do that.

Yeah, that auto-log out is annoying… and of course it will increase he number of log-ins that you do. I was not even aware of that there was some limit on ow many log-ins one can do. Logged-in time yes.

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I changed to the Opera browser and now the log-in with bet365 works properly.