Why I stopped my value bet subscription

Hello Everyone!

First of all I want to thank you for the creators of this beautiful program to make it publicly available and helped me to understand value betting in general. After using it for 1 month now (trial period + 2 weeks) I decided to stop my future subscription and here are the reasons.

Although it was said and written that the variance of the cumulative profit can be large and it will be lower as more and more bets are placed I realized that I can’t accept that one day I’m 170 EUR positive and the other day only 45 EUR. I tried to adjust the filter to be more conservative (tighter odds range, increase value percentage, lower time to start, filter out sports and outcomes) with no luck. The other hard task for me was to defet FOMO. I always cheked the program for new betting opportunities and there was a saturday when I placed 150 bet. After 1500 bets in total I decided to look up some more information about value betting and make an own startegy based on that.

Now I’m in the testing phase with real money, but in the last week I was quite successful. I think the main difference between the RB and in my value betting algorithm is that the time to start of an event is important measure. As you get closer to the starting time of an event odds are getting tighter as more and more information available. Of course it can be biased by big bettors also, but in my theory the closing odds are the most accurate odds (posibilities) of the outcome. So as the starting time of an event decreases the odds are getting closer to each other and have to beat the baseline odds (i.e. average odds for several bookmakers) less. Another interesting thing would be the history of the baseline odds. If it decreased as starting time comes closer is showing that bookies are having a consensus about the outcome of the event. With this two information it is possible to find good value betting possibilities and a good profit rate. Of course you also have to use some filters for odds and advanced money management (i.e. Kelly Criterion). Using these I had less bets but more profits than before.

Since I was very satisfied with the RB product I wish the developer team a very fruitful and innovative future and all the best. I really think that with logical thinking sport betting could be an investment not just gambling.


I too plan to stop my subscription once I’m limited on all available soft bookies for my country.

Probably would lurk around to see how rebelbetting software fairs against the sharps but I doubt it’ll be profitable to a point that it is worth the time investment. We’re also competing against each other and no more against bookies to snap up those value bets. Due to this, I doubt people will share what they do in fear of others interfering on their rice bowls.

Reading up about the sharp bettors, I think I’m way too out of their league. (I mean making so much money until you buy football clubs? xD) You’re going against betting syndicates, bots and people with automation snapping up valuebets in bet exchanges. Seems like a huge uphill battle that I probably need to invest lots of time to fight but I feel the time invested will be better used elsewhere like learning new skills like coding to improve my life.

Overall, this software is super good for beginners who are exploring the world of sports betting and in the transition into turning it into an investment for the sake of education purpose while earning some side income.

I believe the creators of rebelbetting probably went through this and decided to made this software public to continue to earn an income while staying in the same industry.

Thank you again Rebelbetting for this awesome software <3