Why no arbitrage players here?

When i joined at first i saw that there are not many topics about arbitrage betting, but i though that i just have to scroll down a little bit, but now i am really concerned because i have written a topic about it and nobody answered. @Simon does anyone use your arb soft and make profit or there is just a valuebetting community?

Just an opinion: arbers are more quiet.
If everybody talks about arbs, the bookies catch them.
So, maybe they are just doing their bets.
(I used arbs here for 1 month, but I did not stayed, I rather value betting…)

Hi enki, why do you say your arbing didnt stay and rather prefer value betting?

Is valuebetting more profitable?

I already had some experience with Arbs, with another program and group…
The bookies are sharp as ever and they block/limit arbers pretty fast.
So I just gave a chance do Value… and I am still happy with the decision.
BUT, I have no idea how the arbers here are doing.

I see.

Have you tried arbing on sharp bookmakers? They say we can do it indefinitely without getting our accounts gubbed.

I know only that pinnacle does not limit you for sure, but i have seen in other topics in this community that SBO use to limit players a lot. I though that they are a sharp bookmaker but they still limit accounts. I wonder if there is any true way to not get banned? Maybe if the arbs are done by two people in diff countries or some other strategy, idk lets share our ideas here. Thank you for the discussion guys!

Have you tried using two vpn from two different countries to do betting with two different ids but in the same location? for example :

eg: vpn uk + id1+ few bookmakers arbing.
eg: vpn jp + id2 + few bookmakers arbing.

Have you tried it? It sounds good, but i think the main problem is that most of the arb opportunities come from matches in the obscure leagues and you can not bet on them if you want to not be banned. Is that also your opinion?

I’ve not tried them.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to do value betting on multiple accounts (say 2 accs) at the same time. Hence the profit will be double. Have you tried it?

Have you tried using two vpn from two different countries to do betting with two different ids but in the same location. for example :
eg: vpn uk - id1+ few bookmakers arbing.
eg: vpn jp - id2 + few bookmakers arbing.

I wouldn’t recommend this. I believe betting sites can detect if you’re using a VPN. And even if they can’t, how would you provide documents for living in Japan?

Also, there’s an industry standard term of service that forbids you from betting as a part of a group/syndicate. So if one account in the UK & one in Japan consistently matches each others’ bets, they may close your accounts & seize your funds.

Another problem with using VPN, if they ask for your KYC, you won´t be able to prove you live in 2 countries.
Be careful with bets and VPNs, it is their perfect excuse to not pay you!

So, you believe that there is no way to do arbitrage betting to earn money for a few months? I know a few people that are doing it. Maybe it is too risky to be tried.

You can, but just like with value betting, there is no way of doing it without getting limited. I personally do not believe there is a real solution to getting limited by soft bookies. If you’re winning money by beating the closing line, it’s going to happen sooner or later.

What if using 2 different IDs?
So it proves that I only live in 1 country right? No?

What I am saying is : if you live in country X that is blocked in a certain bookie, then you use a VPN to access the bookie and make bets… ok, it seems ok… but, when you try to withdrawl, they may ask your ID, and if you are from a blocked country, they can say: “HEY, YOU ACCESSED FROM A BLOCKED COUNTRY, AND YOU LIVE IN A BLOCKED COUNTRY. NO MONEY FOR YOU!”
They can legally block you from your own money, got it?

Why on earh use a VPN Country that is blocked by the Bookie? There’s a list of countries that are supported by each Bookie. Look at the list first and configure your VPN Country and do the betting. Go it?

And your ID uses a VPN as well to hide who issued it?

Eg: You’re from India, using India ID. and using Pakistan VPN to bet. Because eg Pakistan is Country supported by the Bookie and it’s a neighboring country of India. Bookie make think You make a travel from India to Pakistan for a work or vacation and doing betting there?

Well, I would not risk this, but if you can get your profit using a VPN… good for you!

And enki, how would you do it? I think the best way is to find someone who lives in the country where the bookmaker has license. He makes account makes all the verification including adresa registration and than he gives you the account ids and pass and than you use vpn located to the same country with the same account butu stay at your country?