Why there is barely ever a value bet on the main football leagues?

I have been using this service for 1 month and a half and I have never ever received a notification for a value bet in one of the top European leagues. I saw a handful of notifications for dutch and polish leagues main leagues.

All I get is amateur leagues in europe (spanish 3rd league, german regional league, english amateur leagues) or super low level leagues in the rest of the word (like honduras league, venezuela league, thailand…).

Why is this? For sure there are value bets on the top leagues, I know this. Maybe not plenty of them but a minimum of 20 value bets per weekend for the top 5 european leagues is very reasonable.

For 1 month and a half I have only placed ~230 bets where 90% of them are on the NFL and NCAA.

EDIT: I spend the whole weekend in front of the computer listening to this alert sound just to find out it is yet another useless league notification, it gets frustrating. Already asked for a simple filter where we can select only what leagues we are interested in but seems like this is not a good feature from VB owners perspective.