Why you should not follow Tipsters

We’ve all seen them. Sports betting Tipsters promising huge profits.

Don’t be fooled by those tipsters who seem to have amazing yields at the top - they often don’t have more than a few hundred bets, which makes it impossible to know if they are actually profitable or just being lucky. Read the full article on the RebelBetting website

Plus, the losing ones quickly get removed from the list and replaced by other “top performers” - this is called survivorship bias.

Save yourself time and money by using maths and statistics instead for a guaranteed edge.

Now, check out the new video to understand why no one needs Tipsters anymore:

Have you followed a Tipster? Was it a good or bad experience? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment.

There is certainly profits to be made from following tipsters, you just have to find those that actually know how to get an edge over the market in the long run. Just because rebelbetting works doesn’t mean nothing else works :smiley:

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Yeah, that is why we said in the article “This does not mean there are no profitable tipsters, just way fewer than you think.” But one should not follow tipsters blindly. You need to know what you are doing.

Well the title says “Your Sports Betting Tipster is a SCAM” which clearly is incorrect