Will this be a bad idea?

I intend to start value betting by January. But I have some problems. My starting bankroll is not even up to the rebelbetting starter subscription cost. I am starting with just $100 which is about 2 times my monthly pay. It took me almost 9 months to save this. One of the disadvantages of being a third-world citizen.

Given the circumstances above, my only option is to use the free trial version. Which on its own has limitations like the maximum number of bets allowed being around 30 daily and a maximum edge of around 5%. The only way for me to place more bets daily is by multi-accounting which is quite unethical because I will only end up abusing the nice trial offer from rebelbetting. Which can have negative impacts on others.

Although my bankroll is low, I have the following edge.

  1. Time: I intend to dedicate at least 70 - 80% of my time to placing bets, daily. I will be fully dedicated to this.

  2. Accounts: For a start, I have fresh 5 betting accounts. I have accounts with bet365, WilluamHill, bet9ja, 22bet, merrybet, and a host of others. And getting more accounts later on won’t be much of an issue.

  3. Compound interest: Given the fact that I am starting with a peanut bankroll, I plan on reinvesting any profits made back into my bankroll, and continue doing that for at least a year. I believe compound interest will have a huge positive effect on my meager bankroll.

Based on your various experience will this be a viable idea? I am open to your suggestions and opinions. Thanks

Based on my experience…so this is not a recommendation…an opinion. You need to understand that you could lose your Bankroll in its entirity, as Value Betting depends on long term trends and 1000s of bets…you will find it difficult to place 1000s of bets with such a small bankroll. In addition you need to understand +EV bets are not GUARANTEED to win…indeed Ive gone , sometimes months on losing streaks ( fortunately I live in the UK and had a Bankroll considerably > $100 equivalent, so was able to ride it out .). You also need to understand Rebel’s guarantee…which echoes my point that you are not guaranteed to win, so they offer you a “free” month after your losing month, if you subscribe.
I admire your ambition, and wish you all the best, should you take the risk with your hard earned savings. In the worst case you will lose your $100 and have to save it up all over again…but at least you have the drive to save up…most Western people want instant gratification and so borrow money constantly :slight_smile:

@Audiman thanks for your honest opinion. Yes I"m aware that nothing is GUARANTEED not even life itself. If i loose my bankroll down the line then so be it, at least i ended up trying and will definitely gain more experience from it. I am more geared towards the long term profits and heavily relying on the compounding effects. Once again thank you very much.

Good attitude. Best wishes Mate!

If I understand it correctly you are going to Multiaccount your way with trail version with $100 bankroll…that will be 1.5 ~ 2 stake per bet…

It will be a very slow growth but I think it’s doable.

Im just starting my vb journey under 1000 bets, I would like to know your results along the way. Keep us updated with your experiences

Obviously my opinion, but I do not suggest you do this.

  1. While it does take time, it’s not really a “full time” job. It takes a few seconds each to place the bets, but then there is a lot of dead time. Are you able to maybe work from your computer on other stuff? Virtual assistant, social media manager, etc? You need more money for it to work.

  2. Good, bet365 is by far the best and if you have a solid supply of them you are good.

  3. Compound interest is real, but it’s more noticable at higher levels.

I completely understand you come from a poorer country, but I would highly suggest that you try to get another income first to build bankroll.

You can take a look at this calculator and see that the profits at 100 EUR wont even cover the cost of subscriptipon Value betting - The easiest way to make money on sports betting

Some people start with 500 EUR, but I personally would recommend minimum 1000 EUR, preferably double that.

@Galileo yeah definitely I will.

@EnLilaSko for me that calculator is even beyond my expectations. Placing just 30 bets daily for an 18% profit monthly is way beyond my expectations. I am hoping for something way lower than that for a start. And like I said earlier i won’t be using the paid subscription , I intend using only the trial package. And Getting bet365 accounts won’t be much of an issue. Thanks for your honest opinion.

Interesting project. I can only agree with what others mentioned above.

Consider also the fact that your accounts will get limited by the bookies at some point (they will limit the value of the bet, although your starting bets will probably rather small in the beginning anyways). This will slow down (our completely stop) your progression depending on the limit they set on you. Important to take that into consideration if you are willing to consider this as a “long term” job.

With that limited bankroll I would not multi-account. Hit one bookie and Ii would go with B365 and collect any bonus offerings!
B365 is by far the most important bookie for pickings. If you have access to multi B365 accounts I would not even bother (unless for the bonus) with the other bookies.

Since you are willing to invest so much time into this endeavor I would suggest limiting max odds to less than 2.7 and Kelly at 20%. Max limit can be around 3.0% (Kelly at 20 will limit the amount in any case). This will limit growth potential but also reduce the risk of loosing the entire bankroll.

If you are going to sign up with RB, after the trial, then I would wait until they have a sale, which usually happen in December and beginning of summer.

@BetNinja Yeah, this will be a long-term project, as for limits I am eager to see how much my max stake will be after my account has been limited, Guess my max bet amount will be cents haha. However, that wouldn’t be much of an issue because a $0.10 stake is still worth it for me.

@totrashbin01 Bet365, 88sports, and BetVictor have some nice welcome offers. I will try to extract those offers for a bankroll boost. Thanks for such a nice hint. Although not hoping to sign up for a paid package of rebelbetting soonest since I can’t afford that for now.

Your honest opinions and suggestions so far have been awesome. My gratitude to you guys. That is one thing I love about rebelbetting. The community is very active and comforting. I have seen posts of value bettors wanting to quit or feel discouraged when variance is hurting their bankroll. but the comforting, recommendations and encouraging comments give them the needed grit to continue placing bets. That feeling of “you are not walking alone” can be a huge motivator in downtimes. I feel so energized to embark on this journey.


Goodluck my fellow country man.:raised_hands:

Thanks, glad to know that there are Nigerians doing value betting. Sports betting without an edge is fast becoming a menace here.

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