William Hill account closed straight away

Hey Folks,

Apologies for a newbie question I’ve just joined the trial and thinking of giving this a go for the long run… however has anyone faced an issue with William hill that bans the account straight away? I did open it a month ago with them and just didn’t deposit anything under the account as I was travelling straight after… but when told to contact them after the login the chat representative said this:
“I’m sorry to hear that you’re having troubles accessing your account the account has undergone a mandatory security check. Therefore, our final decision is that this account will remain closed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused; however, this information provided to you is based on the result of a full investigation by our Security.:pensive:

Starting to feel uneasy if all bookies will do that as you can never have a long run with the tool no?


I’m sorry to hear this! I have not had complaints from customers about William Hill closing accounts right away like this. Did they provide an explanation as to why they closed your account and why they had to do a full security investigation?

What country? If it is under the GDPR umbrella you can request all the information they have on you and your account.

UK… good idea i’ll try that. And no Hanna unfortunately that was the only explanation that I got from the agent. Got deferred to a “senior representative” but they never joined the chat.

Hi Aramu5. Seems like a common issue in the UK. I’ve had it randomly with a few accounts at WH and another major bookmaker. No explanations provided.

Thanks for this folks, looks like this one was the odd one out. Will wait and see.

When it comes to GDPR queries I wonder if they won’t deflect by claiming that “they - William Hill” were not responsible but that it is actually their odds provider.

Hi… want to open betting accounts to participate in rebelbetting… which bookmarks Free to open accounts with?

You can use RebelBetting from any country. :slightly_smiling_face:

But what you need to do is to make sure that the bookmakers you wish to use accepts customers from your country. Here is a list of all currently supported bookmakers (more are added continuously).

Please also check out this spreadsheet of bookmakers that are available in specific countries to see if your country is listed there.

This is very useful Hanna thanks. I didn’t manage to make a profit with the trial unfortunately but i’m moving away to Philippines… i didn’t spot any bookies on that sheet. Are there any that you would recommend?