Williamhill bet365 or unibet, any1 doing values on it?

williamhill bet365 or unibet, any1 doing values on it ?

is for williamhill alot of values or no ?

which one you prefer

thank you

bet365 is king on football

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but is william hill good as well on values or not so many ?

for me was not really great, i got limited after 300bets and i was on plus 20-30pounds with them. I started to be a little bit suspicious with them after i’ve seen that the software was giving me 90% the odds on 1.91… This were the odds with willhill almost all the time. I don’t know if this was good or bad, but for me willhill did not work. Maybe other members have better results with this bookmaker.

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Unibet and al the clones got me alot of bets, buts i got limited there really fast…

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not lots value bets they seems sharp