Would it be possible to add extra field columns into the bet tracker?

This would greatly help me in filtering out which bets of mine have done better than others.

I know that you can see it in the reports section but it would be easier for me to see in the bet tracker. I also know that this can be worked out by clicking each bet and seeing what type of league it was in but that is also a lengthy process.

Would this benefit anyone else?

I would also be able to use this in excel rather spending hours manually trying to figure out each bet

Here is an example of what I am trying to do with the data.

for AH and U bets I cannot tell which sports they are as there is no sport column so to narrow this down it would be helpful if there was a sports column in the bet tracker so when trying to export the data it would be more accurate. Another addition that would be useful is whether an AH bet was first half or not.

Trying to revive this thread and see if anyone else would find this data useful or not