Wrong profit on tracker

Hi everyone, I noticed that the profit on my tracker is wrong. By adding up all my accounts plus the pending bets I find myself with a profit of €270 against the €320 that the tracker indicates. How is it possible? I have already checked the void bets and that there are no recently finished bets that have not been updated on the tracker

On settlement 0 bet.
Now I have a total of €1440.71 in my accounts, started with 1000€ bankroll.

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Quite big difference… I suggest that you mail RB support directly with screenshots of your BR.
have you downloaded the Excel file of your bets and see what that one shows? then you can filter on the book and see if it is an error across all book or on one only.

I don’t have the pro version so I can’t export, yesterday I checked the latest bets and found one that the report said had won but was lost. However, there is still a difference of around €38

I had a difference that turned out to be a bet that RB said I’d won but it had lost. Its frustrating but I now check all my bets to make sure RB is correct.