1 month result using valuebetting starter.

As I am close to reaching the end of my subscription I wanted to share my results.
I would say im very happy with my results thus far, I have been beating the clv pretty much all the time and have never been on the negative. This made it alot easier to keep going (good variance), I also don’t expect these kind of results for the coming months.
My ROI peaked at almost 200 % but I have had a decline this past week and am currently sitting at rought 150 %.

My experience using value betting starter is very positive, the only downside would be the amount of bets that I could place. I could’ve maybe changed my odds-range to get more bets, but Im pretty happy with my 2300 bets.


Regarding my settings, I have used the same odds range during the whole period. However I have experimented with “current bankroll” and “adjust for open bets” and im not sure how to go about it optimally.


your are doing well, nice! More bets and 10k profits are coming

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Update after 600 bets, insane gains these past few days!



do you bet all the possible markets or only a specific? for market i mean the types of sports ( soccer, tennis…) and the types of odds (under/over, win …)

Yes I bet on everything, my goal was to achieve as much volume as possible.


Great! Good job!

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passed 4000 bets now, tennis and soccer are really profitable for me.
I got limited on unibet a couple of weeks ago and haven’t bothered trying other options so im only using bet365 atm.

Amazing result in such a short time!
I would also suggest using ATG, since they got lots of value bets. Also Svenskaspel because they wont limit you as far as I know.

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yeah good idea, I’ve heard about svenskaspel altough they dont have too many bets it might be worth it to get some extra volume.

pretty rough downswing this week which sucks, was up to +700% ROI but now im down to 540 %, hopefully this weekend can turn things around. I also tried atg but have had -20 % yield so far.

Hello friend, I met the same trouble as you this week, but it got better yesterday. I hope I can continue to make profits today

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SvenskaSpel is okay if you are over the age of 20. Otherwise it is 1000kr per month deposit limit.

Closer to my max ROI now

Decided to cash out the majority of my profits (2.5k euro ish) and restarting with 500 euro again to see if im able to build it up all the way again.

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good luck mate, how much mas your initial bankroll!?

My initial bankroll was roughly 5000kr (500 euro)

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do you have still the same settings? odds 1,40 to 2,90?
And if it´s possible could you show us your report where you have the most yield? AH oder Win?
please. thank you

Yeah I havent changed anything in my settings, but I have almost no bets during summer since there’s not much to bet on.
My Markets:

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Hello, I’m about to start value betting (starter plan), i have a question for you, is there a limit to the amount of valuebets on starter plan? I know 7% is the max value for starter plan already but I’m wondering if you not getting enough valuebets has something to do with your settings or there’s a limit on availability of valuebets for starter plan too like the free trial which is like 40-50.

Looking forward to your reply or anyone’s :blush:

I dont think there’s a clear defined limit I just know that you get more bets +higher valuebets in pro version.
I probably don’t get more value bets because of my options yes.
For me I haven’t had a problem finding bets most of the time, however during summer its less bets (I would recommend subscribing after summer).

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A small update since june, profits are gradually building up again. I also increased Time To Match Start to 48 hours to get more bets.
Currently my bankroll is at 800 euro from the initial 500 euro I restarted with in may/june.