2 weeks with valuebetting (650+ bets)


started with the free trial and upgraded it to “starter” 3 days ago. Want to keep giving updates in the next few months. The start has been quite bad until now but i am only 650 bets in, so i am hopeful. Gonna update my bankroll next week with another 500€. I would appreciate it, if anyone can give me any tips to my settings.

I started exactly 1 month ago, and I am on Value too. In my humble opinion, your set up looks sound, and is similar to mine. Last week was horrendous for me, but slowly picking up today. THer ewill definitely be UPS and DOWNS no matter what your settings, as the bets are still just that ie BETS so can lose…I d stick with it , Im + £900 for the month, ( at this moment)so delighted. However before last week I hit > £1050, and crashed to <£800, and just now recovering. If someone had told me Id be £900 profit a month from starting Id have doubted it, but I guess Ive been lucky…and intend to stick with it. Ive done 3000 bets to date, so worked hard!

Are there any sports or markets that you have disabled or do you bet on everything?

I dont want to sway you, because it wouldnt be fair to offer opinions after Ive only done 1 month…but I disabled Esports and baseball.Esports was initially brilliant, then crashed…but I was persuaded to reinstate it, but its still a loser for me, but Im persisting with iy. Regarding Baseball, its been crap from the off, I gave it a 2nd chance, and was a large part of my £250+ losing streak, so Im out for good. The main reason is not that I am being short term, its that I simply dont follow or understand Baseball and how results/scores are incentivised.

is probably the worst month ever, for all, do not worry

how long have you been value betting, if u dont mind me asking.

IMHO you must increase the min Value percentage to at least 3.7%.
This will increase your Avg. Value and CLV. My average value is over 6% and the CLV% is 3.6%. That makes a big difference over time.
Also I think a Max stake at 1,5% with Kelly at 30 is not an optimal combo.
Basically a lot of your best value bets will be on a flat 1.5% stake…Better to Have Max at 2% and Kelly at 20%.
Good luck

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It has been a pretty good month for me in Sweden.

I have since January. I know, but for me tennis this month has been a colossal loss. with the same options as I have always had.

That is so weird… What bookie do you use? I use mainly B365 and Tennis has been great for me. I do use odds up to 5 though… :slight_smile:
Without the Tennis there would be to few bets to place the bankroll.

Update: 1400+ bets

Last few days have been quite successful.

Had 2% max stake and 20% kelly until i was even and then changed it to 2% max stake and 30% kelly. Since then it skyrocketed.

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Great to hear that you are planning on giving frequent updates on your results. It´s fun to follow along on your value betting journey! :slight_smile:

How many bets do you get on average every day with your current settings? Basically, it is all about turning over your bankroll and placing many bets over time. If you have plenty of bets then you can adjust the value percentage to a higher number. I would also suggest that you increase the time to match start if you are interested in getting more bets. The reason for this is that we found no correlation between time to match start and (flat) profit.

Otherwise, I suggest you stick with the default settings and don´t evaluate your result too quickly.

Great to hear that. If you have no problem getting many bets no matter the time of the week, then you can have a more narrow filter of Time of match start, perhaps 72h. But if you feel like you have very few bets, then increase it to the maximum. You can play around with it to see what suits you best. The bottom line is that you just need to keep placing many bets. It´s all about volume.

Hello. After a month I decided to do an update again. I am 2700 bets in and it couldn’t get any better I think.

Settings have stayed the same with 2% max stake and 30% kelly.


What are your settings now if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks.

Max Stake: 2%
Kelly: 30%
Adjust for open bets turned off
Value percentage: 3,8 or 4% - 30%
Time to match start: If i have enough bets 24 hours if not 300 hours
Odds: min 1,30 max 10,00
I also have all sports and markets enabled

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vb starter or pro?

Began with ‘starter’ now i started using ‘pro’

‘pro’ is legit so much better if you have a higher bankroll

on which website do you bet using pro version? sharp bookmakers and exchanges are any good for finding good value?

I have only tried one sharp bookmaker and I am not a fan. Honestly, my whole profit is on bet365. Other soft bookmakers limited me within weeks. You can see all my bookmakers in the picture above. I’m gonna try sharp bookmakers and exchanges when i am limited on all soft bookmakers.