2 weeks with valuebetting

Hi, I started valuebetting with rebelbetting for three weeks and I must say that initially I was also doing well so much that I went into profit.
But then I started to go down and I am going very low as I am at -33% of the capital and i don’t know why.
Can someone help me?

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I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. You just need to keep betting and you’ll benefit eventually

Maybe I have to change the time to match start? 36 to 24?

What sports and markets have you disabled?

Also you have pretty high max odds which increase variance. I personally have value percentage between 2.5 and 50 and there are a lot of good bets between values 3 and 4. So i would recommend trying that one aswell and it just might work for you aswell.

I usually place bets on all bets that start within 48hours during weeks and 30 hours during weekends and that has been working well for me.

Here are my stats. I have had downswings on my path aswell but you just have to trust in the math behind the process. You can’t lose if you just can keep betting.

And while my strategy might not be the absolute best one it has been working pretty well for me.


Nice profit Kimbla​:clap::slightly_smiling_face:
Any sharp yet??

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For sport i have basket,soccer and tennis
For bookmaker i use only bet365, unibet, betclic but i use the most bet365

You need More bets. 5000bets. And then you can Look profit :wink:

I like to bets all sports. And i use 15h to start…

Thank you all
Does anyone know how to place a bet in the tracker that is no longer there? Because I played it but I didn’t enter it by mistake

Hey buddy….nice stats….which bookmaker you used previously and currently…….u did preety good amt of bets so how do u manage to be not limited at a bookmaker

Hi i use only bet365 and sometimes unibet, betclic

So how many bet365 accounts you have limited at this point……nd how much average profit we can expect from a single bet365 account before got limited

No one is limited and i don’t know how long you can bet with bet365 before you will limited

I had a really bad first few weeks also. Lost about 50% of my bankroll.
Please note that this is my suggestion because I had very similar settings to yours when I was going negative. And I was still (barely) in the negative after a month and 1000+bets.

  • De-select “Adjust for open bets”
  • Reduce Kelly to 20% (or even 15%)
  • Change max Odds to 2,8 (or even 2,7)
  • Increase max stake to about 1.8 or 2 (only in extreme bets should the max stake limit the Kelly. With a max stake limit of 1% you are in fact using a plain proportional staking strategy and not Kelly).
  • Update your current bankroll frequently (you have lost 650€. Change your current bankroll to 1400ish…)
  • If not enough bets with this setting change min Value percentage to 3.9 (do NOT go below 3.7!)
    Try to get as many bets in. The shorter the time horizon the better it is. There will not be much difference on the CLV but you can turn your money more frequently.
  • Finaly… Do NOT change your settings on a daily basis… you ned to give it some time.

Once the profit starts to build you can increase odds and min value. If and when you do that the swings WILL increase, both up and down. I would not do that unless I have made a profit and doubled my bankroll.
Let us know how it goes.

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Thank you so much for the advice, and now how is it going with these settings?And how long have you been using them?

I started to use them after about 3 weeks. Before that my settings were very similar to yours. After changing/tweaking my settings my result steadily improved. Only yesterday I stated to be more agressive with max odds.
I have been at it for about almost two months and the results have really picked up. Now I’m surpassing the CLV. The screencapture is my two months in the three month view.

Ok thank you i will try, using the max stake 1.8 / 2 I risk a lot more so the variation will be even more significant right?I’m reporting the photos of the new filters, are they right?Schermata 2022-05-26 alle 11.34.10 Schermata 2022-05-26 alle 11.34.20

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That looks about right. Beginning of the week, when there are not so many bets around, you can increase “time-to-start” to 48 to get enough bets.
Close to weekend, increase min to 4.0%, or just select the highest possible bets. On a EV+6% @ 2.0 “real odds” bet the Kelly(at20%) should suggest arround 16€. This will change depending on the “real odds” and EV% that Rebels algo finds… So try to put down as many bets as you can to get the bankroll working.
Good luck!

Thank you very much

Hi, I’ve been trying your settings since you told me and I’ve seen that there is much less variance and if you’re interested there is another setting that is fine which is having the min value at 2.8 and max odds at 2.9, this has been using a friend of mine for two months and he’s having good results because as you said the higher the max odds the higher the variance