2 weeks with valuebetting

Hi, I am glad you are doing well!
They monitor your betting pattern, not amount. They start by doing time delay. But, if you are still beating the market price time and time again, after about 3 months, they will limit you to around $2-$6. Even if you are still in net loss (but you are profitable in the long run, or you are winning recently). I mean, winning at bet365 by value betting but pretending to lose by arbitrage between 365 and other softer bookies won’t avoid being limited.

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So being limited is a certain thing in your opinion?

I think it largely depends on how big your average bet is. Mine is only £10 and I put hundreds of bets on B365. Not only do they not limit me but every week they give me a £5 free bet as a “Loyalty” bonus.

Higgins, how long have you had the account and how much profit do you currently have on that account?
I had my account for about 3 months. My bets were initially around 10-25€ and towards the end of the 3 month period they were around 200-400€. My net profit was about 11k€ before I got limited.

I am quite sure there is no way avoiding it. You can delay it mainly by making the net profit grow at a slower pace.
Why would you want to do that?

And once you limited what did you do?

Either you have to gnome an account (running an account in another persons name) or move to another bookie. Gnoming an account has it’s own challenges to avoid being limited within days (which will happen if you use the same computer/phone and/or network).
The other bookies will limit much faster. B3t365, stood for about 75% of my profit when I got limited. The remaining 25% was spread out on several smaller bookies.

In theory, I know that if they limit you after 10/15 days you can always open a new account in your name

Why is that?

thats 100% wrong

So once limited do I have to use another person’s account?

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I’ve had my Bet365 account for 12 months, I have £650 in it currently of which about 50% is profit. I only do £10-£20 bets and apart from Saturdays struggle to find enough bets to use all £650 which is why I’m thinking of going Pro. I also have accounts at Betfair with a couple of hundred in as that was my main betting site before joining REBEL. I have only been using BASIC for a month and have doubled my money. I wish there was a trial of PRO, I honestly don’t know if it’s worth it for me at the moment with £10-£20 bets.

Which country’s bet365 lasts at that huge profit???

I am betting in Sweden. Frankly I did NOT follow most of the advice about prolonging the time before limit occurs. IMHO it is more important to maximize profit from the bookie not the time.
I have a typo in my original post. The profit was 120kSEK (11k€)
Do we even know how much profit (not the time) we can expect from B3t365 before we get limited?
Please share!

Sorry. Typo. The profit was 11k€.

hi, as far as im concerned, bet365 will most likely limit you at somewhere around 5k profit (in greece). i know some people getting limited at 3k and some at 7k, depends on their max bets and patterns i guess.
I think it varies for each country.

I was limited at 5k€ on my account last week. Then I tried betting in a friends name with a new phone and new sim. Deposited 3500€ and started betting pretty aggressively almost right away. From 20€ bets to 60€ bets in two days and got limited just after 2,5 days. Made 20% ROI during the short lifespan of the acc but I think the way to go is to start slower and with smaller deposit and smaller bets.

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You are probably right. I experienced something similar…
I am in the process of trying something new this time and I will let you know in about a months time how it turns out. BTW I never bet through the phone. I always use a computer.
My goal is not to maximize the “uptime” of the account but to maximise the profit before limitations.

Exactly, my goal as well. But I think it is a huge red flag for the bookie if you deposit too much from the beginning. I will try a new acc as well and will keep you updated how it goes.

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What country?