€31.000 profit since March

Started in March. Currently 317,000 (c. €31000) Swedish Krona up. 5 fully restricted accounts and a few partially restricted. Just under 8000 bets placed. I used to obsess about the figures and data but honestly the amount of data you’d need to show meaningful patterns is just crazy.

I know some people have had success with following exchanges and cashing out bets where the value has disappeared

Accepting qualifying losses when backing/laying large amounts on favourites can help with your account.

Apart from that, just keep placing bets and the profit will come


Sounds pretty incredible. Any chance you could share your charts and settings?

Hey man, may I ask what € amount per bet you place and what bookie ?

I am almost at 5k bets with 6.4k profit with an average of €30 per bet.

I really want to up my € per bet, but last week when I tried to stake €75 per bet I got gubbed after 2 days.

It could be just coincident since I already was up 5.1k on that bet365 account but that scared me to stake more than €40 per bet.

Id say more than incredible :slight_smile:

Hi Alecia och hälsningar från Sverige.
I followed your blog and your betting journey. Nice results!
What do you mean with fully restricted and partially restricted? Do yo you mean limited and partially limited?

Yeh exactly. Some bookmakers every single bet is limited. A few of them such as ATG I can still get a lot of bets through but some are limited. My point is that even if you get severely limited with a couple of bets, it’s worth trying a few more before giving up on them. Bet365 though, once you’re limited your max stake is so low for every bet, that you’re basically done.

And thanks for checking out the blog. It’s been quite the ride. Haven’t updated it for a while but it’s been but and steady progress. Not very exciting but relatively stress free! I’ve got the bank set well below my actual profit now (80,000SEK with 317000SEK profit) so I’m pretty immune to any big swings.

Always happy to share my stats…I’ve actually been blogging the whole thing for months. You can check it here: https://laidbackmoney.com/value-betting-blog/

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I feel that you could have made faster progress if you had gone with lower value (if I remember you had min value set to 6%). You just miss out on too many bets. Also you chose to stick to big leagues… same thing ; miss out on so many bets. Sure; the account might last longer but some, including me, prefer to maximising profit over time.
Just easier to get the bankroll rolling with more bets. But hey, this is me being nitty-picky.
Actually one of your first YT videos was what convinced me to give Valuebetting a try.

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I read elsewhere about Rebel but yes, your videos did tip me over the edge to try it :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, I’ve always had min value set to 3%. I have in the past I have recommended people go for higher min value if they’re struggling. You’re right though, I definitely could have placed more bets. I will say that my initial Bet365 account which made me around 165,000SEK was purely tennis bets. Just like everyone, I have no idea how to keep these accounts going for a long time except possibly for accepting a big decrease in profits by backing and laying low value and highly popular bets with your entire balance until they lose. This does work but most people aren’t willing to accept that hit on their profits and also generally don’t have the kind of spare cash to keep laying these bets.

I am surprised by how few bookmakers have actually fully restricted me so far. I still have quite a few that I haven’t even logged into yet. There’s also a weird psychological angle where hitting 20,000 SEK profit was literally way more exciting that hitting 250 000 SEK profit. I realise that sounds a bit crazy but Value Betting has become such a normal (and often annoying) part of life now that I just take it slowly and am just happy with the extra 10 or 15 000 kr per month.


One of the best valubetting approach

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Agree completely.
Still remember the feeling when hitting the profit milestones.
There was also this weird feeling when the first B365 account got limited… kind of “ok … that was that, what should I do now?”
But laying bets to avoid restriction won’t work. You can get limited even though you are currently at a loss with a bookmaker. If they identify that you are doing +EV bets, or Arbs, then they will limit you, with or without profit.
Keep it up


We love to see great results like this Alecia, thanks for sharing!

Feel free to plug your Youtube channel as well :smiley:

Youve shared your stats…which are brill…but I think we are all interested in your settings eg odds ranges/sports/markets too! :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I just finished reading the blog, but I can’t see any mentions about the stake sizes you used.

Could you tell me how much you used on bet365?

I upped my stake size last week to 75€ per bet and 2 days later I was restricted, so that got me a little paranoid. It could also just be because I had hit the 5k profit mark that they limited me so now I don’t really know and I am afraid to go over 40€ again

From what date, to what date, did you have the account before limitation?
During that time, for how long did you do value betting?
Did you engage in any other smart betting, like matched, or arbitrage betting?
What was your deposit strategy?
Thank you

vart hittar jag bloggen?

could you please share your settings?

She shares her “winnings” , but not her settings :slight_smile: Makes me a bit skeptical…Maybe Im an old synic

it’s nothing special, you can’t go wrong with the default

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