Active Bettor Valuebetting Timeline(+14000€)

Update 11.5.2022

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Which bookmakers are you having most success on?

Bet365, Unibet and clones, Betsafe and clones

u still have those settings ?

I’ve changed time to match start to 24 hours, and on weekends 8 hours

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Update 31.5.2022

What’s your settings for that?

Stake is 1% of bankroll

Closer time to match start should be comfortable?

There’s so few bets anyway at the moment so that’s why I have it at 48h

So when you know there are plenty you change it further?

When there’s alot of bets available I change it closer to match start

I got you now. That was the question.

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Looking quite good on Coolbet now also, wish Rebel could get them back

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What’s the current status bro?

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while you say "stake is %1 of bankroll’ is this your max stake or you ignore kelly and stake flat %1 everytime?

I stake 1% every time

After 3 months using Rebel betting pro I am limited nearly everywhere.

Most bets I placed on Bet365.After 2 months (3000£ profit ish) I was limited.
Then I opened new account on my friend name.I used new phone,new sim ,don’t used Wi-Fi and I was limited again very quickly,after 2 weeks with profit only 300£.Every bet I rounded to 5.Any idea what I done wrong ?How to avoid to be limited very quickly?
10bet limited me after 5 days🤦🏻.,boylesport the same.Thanks

Interesting. Do you adjust for open bets when calculating your %1? Or…you know Total bankroll x %1 go brrr :joy: