Active Bettor Valuebetting Timeline(+14000€)

from what bookie you took most values ?

At the moment probably Betsafe or Veikkaus

betsafe there is not alot of values at me maybe 5-10 per day.
Veikkaus is not for my country :frowning:

pääsiskö mukaa?

Pretty bad downswing at the moment… Went from 10800 in profit to just 9200 in two days.
Guess I have to lose sometimes too :smiley:


not only one… also here went from 1300 profit to 880

Update 13.4.22

on what bookies you do so much bets ?

Update 21.4.22

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Nice profit Man!! Any sharp yet?

No, not yet atleast

How much profit have you made from Bet365? Are you limited on bet365 yet?

7487€, and yes I’m limited

Update 11.5.2022

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Which bookmakers are you having most success on?

Bet365, Unibet and clones, Betsafe and clones

u still have those settings ?

I’ve changed time to match start to 24 hours, and on weekends 8 hours

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Update 31.5.2022

What’s your settings for that?