Active Bettor Valuebetting Timeline(+14000€)

Update 20.3.22

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nice…10k profits coming!

so what is ur settings now ?
can you ss please
Thank you
and what bookies you use noiw


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Adjust for open bets why this not marked ? any good reason or ?

I don’t see any benefits from using it tbh

its adjusting bet stake if your bankroll is big or small

I know, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t count my open bets to my bankroll. Also it’s more simple to not use it since the max stake stays the same.

yes but when you have 50 open bets on same value here you bet less then cuz your bankroll is going abit low,

So you think its better to not use it… so all the time bets are same bet stake

Yeah, I prefer not using it :smiley: and I think most users don’t use it

thank you for advice :slight_smile:

do you also prefer on betting odds ? like try to avoid some higher odds ?

Yeah I don’t bet on too high odds, <3.2 has worked fine for me so I’m going to stick with that.
Alot of high odds would cause more variance but the “CLV Profit” would still be similar as with lower odds.

and for sports ?
u do what ever it comes or you do first football then others

All sports of course

great !
but lets say when you get 3 values for same match for example :slight_smile:
X team to win , X team -1 and x team -2

which value you would take ? highest % or

Limitation worries me too, I don’t know what to do, Congrat for your profit

Update 25.3.2022
Was on vacation for a few days so I haven’t been active at all :smiley: still managed to make a little profit the last week

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you use adjust for open bet.

lets goooooo !

No, I prefer not using it