An EXPERTS help required re sharps

Hi team, seeking assistance any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Been on RB since July 1 2022 and had some pleasing results …

Placed some 9600 bets … onto my 2nd bet365 (purchased of a mate) gubbed to the max now on
Unibet …
1xBet / 22bet
Bet Victor x2 accounts banned now on sports only casino available
Suprabets (in limbo cant cash out in dispute
Bethard x2 accounts
Leo vegas
William Hill
Titan Bet
Titan Bet

Can currently only use …
SBO bet … very quickly limited
Betfair Exchange as live in NZ no access to Sportsbook
Betstar who are about to close and go under the ladbrokes banner with which im gubbed :crazy_face: … is there anyone one here who uses sharps exclusively as i fair thats all im about to have left.
I would love to know what sort of settings you use as well … hopefully theres 1 person exclusively and can shed some advice.

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I am sorry but I do not have an answer for you. I am curious about the same thing. I have a question for you though. Do you use a max stake setting between 1 to 2% ?

Btw, have you checked this post?

Yeah 2 is my number.

And yes have seen it

Am i to assume that no one here bets exclusely with sharps? Must be time to put the que back in the rack and cash out

Ive asked Hanna the same question, as I am in your boat too! gubbed to death everywhere. She said RB cannot divulge which users operate with Sharps only…so it is basically that we at mercy of some Good Samaritan stepping up and telling us.
I set a new world record, I think…opened a Ladbroke this Monday , in my wifes name…with her permission of course…made ONE bet…and used the 4 free bets and matched them off at MAtchbook to make a few quid.
She got an email 2 hrs later advising SPortsbook and any offers will no longer be available!!

Go you! :+1: another in the same boat! Well good to hear, not good thou aye … fingers crossed for that "Good Samaritan " although i wont hold my breath and the problem/issue still remains. How long have you been in this boat! Its cooking my nut :crazy_face:

I started RB last May…after about 3 months ladbrokes/coral restricted, then W hill, then unibet + clones , boyles, skybet -Betfair banned me years ago over some dispute I had with them, and matchbook /smarkets arent a shodow of Betfair.

I was trying to open an account at Asian Connect…but apart from communication difficulties,arranging a trial… the odds dont ever match what Rebel show up…they are called sharp for a reason I guess…I dont know what the long term holds…Im just putting on whatever I can get on…so its now a hobby rather than a business venture

I also think AsianConnect offers an API, similar to BetfairExchange. This opens up for automated robots to place bets far faster then we can do.
Also waiting for a “Good Samaritan” to share insight/experience but I am not holding my breath.