Any help is appreciated

Hi all that’s my graph I started the 28th of December, as you can see I have only had downswing so far and never been in profit. I am a pro user and I mainly place bets on 10bet leovegas and Smarkets. My starting bankroll is 4k. I am about to lose my faith in the system, I keep grinding meanwhile but its hard when you see almost half of your bankroll gone! Any help is appreciated. Do you think that it’s just bad variance? I have increased the max odds in my settings because most of the bets on smarkets are AH with high odds, smarkets is the only winning bookie atm

try betting opposite of what it suggests… I am trying different stuffs this seems to work for me

XD hhahahhahaha is that true?

Show us your settings

i do it in my own excel sheet… right now the data is not enough to hold my statement… once i get 1000 bets i will update with screenshots

settings i use
3% max stake
30% kelly
value min 2, max 99
odds 1.4 to 4
time to start - 24 hours

i just keep testing some crazy ideas … so please dont blame me for any negative results. better test for 1000 bets before you decide

I am a little bit worried, cause yesterday was my worst day ever… but I still trust the system.

ok guys after a week of tests i started with 500 euros.
Those are my stats in second day with 40 unsettled bets waiting for.
I am too lucky or is it my idea?

i thing your settings should be changed i can show u my own if u want.

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This is also an example of how the variance is larger in the beginning. You’re neither lucky or unlucky, this is perfectly normal :slight_smile:

I would change the settings to lower the max-odds a lot, and raise the min-value to like 3%. Like I would bet your 9.0-oddsers with 0.8% value have negative value.

anyone know how to delete all matches ? or reset the tracker ?

Can you show us?

My started bankroll is 500euros i update every 2-3 days my current bankroll depending on open bets. Also i got on basis 40 bets waiting for the next day from the day before. I experienced varience like 3-4 times but eventually everything went as people say yield and ev get close to each other.

2.5k bets update

Show us your settings