Any help is appreciated

What precautions do you take with your accounts mate? (Assuming your main accounts have been gubbed and you’re using family/friends)

  1. new device and a new sim
  2. don’t connect to the same wifi as former device
  3. Place as many bets as possible even if it means betting on obscure leagues, i for one will bet asian handicap, over/unders, 1x2 on the same game(i managed to place around 7.5k bets in a month on my bet 365 before i was gubbed, so i went all out with objective being profit and not account life)
  4. Don’t deposit at once, 50, 500, 250. That was my deposit history on my first account.
  5. not really much of a precaution but i think what really kept my account afloat was the fact that bet 365 thought i was a problem gambler as i spent/averaged 9-10 hours on their site which made them send me free bets regularly :sweat_smile:until things started goin south for them.
  6. Don’t withdraw till you’re gubbed
  7. Round stakes was the only precaution i took
  8. Throw in a few bets on your fav team(no more that $50 in a month for me)
  9. With my initial deposit of 800, i managed to profit 6k before being gubbed in a year

PS: blurred some parts out from my bet 365statement, just best to leave it at whole numbers.


Hi there, I’m currently up £5k on my Bet365 account so understand I will probably be gubbed relatively soon. I’ve been trying to figure out how to start again with a new account when that happens because it really is easy money to make while studying. So are you just buying a cheap phone, a SIM with some data (so you don’t need wifi I presume?) and then using a friend/family ID and bank account? Do you think using a family member who lives at the same address as me would work?

How is this easy Money i Just lose Money

I think they group by zip codes, anyways i just fund the account using prepaid cards and when it’s time for withdrawal, i withdraw to my friends bank account and they then transfer the money to my own account, easy peasy, no need for skrill

What’s your results and settings?

Your settings are as good as it can get, just tweak time to 24, i play 15 with edge over 5.

how big stakes do you use?

Relative to bankroll, started with 10, 15, 20, 25,30. Please narate your experience with 888 sport, like number of bets and profit

I am happy with 888sport (when the site works from Austria) . They are slow at refreshing odds one week, and the next four I can not get the good odds, and then again - really slow for a week . Withdrawal is on time, used them for 2 years with not getting restricted in UK.

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How much profit and how many bets? My average stake is gonna 10 usd, that ok?

Always 10 or it delends on odds ?

I get good odds on Marsbet , Mozzart , , Rabona/Evobet it’s a shame they are not in the software. Bildbet=Betvictor reastricting fast, but still restrict on different sports. Right now I am restricted on football max win 25 Euros , Basketball, AMFootball, can stake 200 no questions asked.

My max odds is around 2.2(planing to make it 2.5) so I’m quite reckless with my staking, like i said it’s relative to 1% or 0.5% of bankroll

You bet with 888? If yes please share experience, number of bets etc

Profit was 3% £5200 , you can go wild with the stakes if you place a few dummy ACCAs. It really makes your account look healthy for them

about 6100 bets , 3% £5200

Great results mate💪.

What about first deposit? I plan on depositing 950 as a first deposit. Hope that won’t look suspicious? What was your first deposit?

Forsure I’mma throw in a few accas, how occasionally do you recommend i do that? Like how many a day or week?

By 3% you mean that was your yield with 888sports right? And you placed 6k bets on 888?