Anyone one making a profit?

Is there anyone making a profit at the moment? I’m on a slow slide down after a relatively good start. Is it the time of year? Did I start at the wrong time and ‘waste’ my intro offer? I haven’t made enough money to pay for next month when it goes to full price. Should I stop and wait?
Any advice is gratefully received.

I feel like January will be a really good month of valubetting with the sharps back to their razor best after the world cup so I’m upping my stakes and hammering


I had a great first month, but last 10 days are really dragging. I’d just keep betting!

I am surprised this month, for the fact that nothing is being played properly, this month is great ( :chart: 7.5% Yield). Although I don’t want to shout it out, we still have 11 days left before the end of the month and there may be a variation. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a yield of 3.14%

Yield of -7.53 after 113 bets :frowning:

Just lost 9 bets on the bounce and down to £29 profit. :sob::sob:

I’ve lost around 800 dollars in less than a week😅

I went from -£190 to back in profit!
When do you think the bets will pick up again?

Soon I hope! Otherwise I’ll get next month free! Or I may pack it in. It seems all my bets have been losers. It’s not giving me much motivation!

I am making and increasing my profit. I have days when it goes down but… on a 10 day period I would always be up.
I am actually close to an ATH.
Do not look too much on the weekly graph. It is too volatile. Right now there is not much action though.
Merry X-mas and holidays to all members and to the RB team!


This is my not so healthy one…

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Keep betting variance will change

How many bets did you place this month?

About 320. Not that many I know I try to get 20 on a day but don’t always manage it. They’ve not been that many.

I managed about 1900 bets.

What settings are you using to get 60 bets a day?!! I never get that many :flushed:

For soccer, tennis and e-sport:
Odds: 1.3 - 4.0
Max stake 3.8%
+4% weekends (+3.5% weekdays) and less than 8 hours.
+4.2% weekends (+3.8% weekdays) and less than 24 hours.
+5% weekends (+4.5% weekdays) and less than 48 hours.

For Basketball I only take bets +4% and less than 4 hours (thanks to Lm10)

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What do you mean by Max stakes?
Isnt that set to 1.5% by default?

Are you just betting on soccer tennis and exports and basketball? Do they each have individual sets of settings? And how can you get all these settings to run at the same time. So many questions,! It looked as though there was only one setting for all sports…