bad results since 15 December

The situation since December 15 is really bad. I’m mostly using bet365. quotas 1.4-3.2, value above 3%.
How is it going for you?

I’ve had similar results here. Been sitting in the negative profit region for a couple weeks as well. Could just be the time of year and/or luck of the draw though.

Hopefully limitations aren’t something you’re also dealing with right now - there seem to be a rash of them going through this community.

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I have had good results since December 15th, yield is for this period 8.6%.

Good job. What bookmakers do you use? all sports?

Thank you, I currently only use 1xBet, but I plan to involve others over time. You can find more information in my blog here: jjgold - spreadsheet / journey

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the disaster continues, no profit from 15th