Beginner set up and first bets

I’ve just started my vb road.
I would like to share my settings and my first results: what do you think about?

Looks good. I would turn of AFOB (Adjust for open bets). if you have enough bets try to shorten the time to match start and reduce min odds to at least the default setting of 1.4.
Enjoy the ride!

thank you for quick reply!
Have you any suggestion regarding the bet choice? Should I bet any valuebet that software shows me?

There are lots of different advice from bettors. I personally use Soccer, Tennis, e-sport and have just started with basketball again (well I have now 700 bets with new settings specifically for basket; +4% and less than 4h). Other than that I bet on all markets the software provides.
Some RB bettors bet on everything: and are successful doing it!
Usually also try to bet higher value bets the further out the match start is.

There are lots of old posts with various advice. There is a trend to jump onto settings that any successful bettor is using and posting here on the forum - they kind of become the latest fashion!
Do not change settings too often!


Than you for the advice!
My first 100 bets didn’t go as I expected, but anyway, I hope to go up…I’m pretty demotivated

Hey there, don’t get discouraged !

Some other people might get “lucky” in there first 100 bets to already be on a nice profit but that doesn’t mean anything since the software isn’t predecting who is winning or not but only checking the value of the bet. (really nice avg value you have there btw)

You will troughly see the value appear after a few hunders/thousand bets.

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Thank you!
I’m thinking to set max odd to 2.4/2.5 in order to reduce variance. Is it a good idea in your opinion?

It would help yes, personally I have mine set at 2.5 max with great results

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Even worse…and it’s only the beginning (I don’t know if I want to continue losing my money)


Like you said, it’s only the beginning.

I’ve started using a sharp bookie (smarkets) and I was down 300€ it the beginning but now I am at 150€ profit.

I know it’s hard in the beginning but since I’ve already made 8.3k while value betting I known for sure this works.

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You only have 135 bets…

Still losing my money. Free falling, I don’t know how stop this…am I missing something? I don’t think it’s only variance, it’s all about lucky

Avg value and clv standing strong, keep plugging away mate, only proven and tested way of changing this situation around is to place more bets and not quit.

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For now, I’ve updated my bankroll to 800 and set rounding from 5 to 1 in order to work Kelly properly.

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Repost after 2500 bets

Sorry to hear that LolloB. Those first few hundred bets are key as I’m sure many people are put off if they have a downswing right at the start. Stick with it though. My advice would be to try and ignore the profits (easy said than done obviously) and just aim for a target of 4 or 5 thousand bets. Get that, and this downswing will be a laughable, barely noticeable blip on your chart. I’m on 8000 bets now and have had a few downswings of around €1000 to €2000 and I’m pretty much immune to them now.


In your opinion, my avg odd has to be above 2.00?

small update
I think i will not spent my money and time, I’ll give up at the end of the subscription.
Thank you all, I don’t know how to do

Hello mate, this’s just variance. Place a lot more bets to even it out, 700 is nothing. I place that weekly and still experience variance so it’s nothing new. Keep true to your settings, staking and effort, it’s gonna pay off.

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