Best broker for RebelBetting?


I’m looking forward to start using rebel betting, but the limitations of soft bookies gives me a second thought so i’ve not decided yet.And also i’m thinking that using soft bookies for the short term its not an option for me.
Now for the long run, because thats my only interest, i want to ask you if there is someone here that used RB+a broker for 6months+ and everything worked good and printed some money:)
If thats the case, what are the best broker/brokers for using RB?



Please check out this article about bet brokers, there you’ll find a list of bet brokers as well. We have implemented Sportmarket, 3et and BetInAsia into our services, more may be added. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Hanna!
I already saw that article, nice info there.
But i’m looking for someone that used both RB and a broker for some kind of long term feedback.
Why is that? Because i saw here some posts that ppl are not so happy with brokers because of the odds/high limits and so on.
On the other side, some are happy.
So please give me some feedback, rebel bettors! :slight_smile:

If you’re also interested in value betting on brokers, see this post: Value betting on sharp bookmakers - great results!

Taxes and brokers?
In Finland we don’t have to pay taxes on the winnings as long as the gambling company has a license in ETA ie. Malta or Gibraltar.
Q1) If I use a broker that has their license outside ETA, but the bet is with a company that has their license in ETA, would the winnings still be tax free? (and vice verca?)

Q2) I saw that Sportmarket have their license in the Isle of Man. Do you have knowledge if IoM will still be part of ETA after Brexit?

  1. I’m not sure, perhaps @BetInAsia knows?
  2. It’s not decided yet.

Hi @superpetter, we are not in a position to provide any tax advice, so it would be something that you would need to sort out on your side actually.
Thank you for understanding.

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sportmarket never get matched