Value betting on sharp bookmakers - great results!

Earlier we have been cautious and only recommended that advanced users place value bets on sharp bookmakers.

We have been forced to reconsider these recommendations since we now have enough data to prove you can actually make some very good profits on many of them!

Value betting results on sharp bookmakers / betting brokers:
BetInAsia yield 3,3% (20.000 bets)
Sportmarket yield 3,0% (65.000 bets)

(These are the ones with great results and enough bets to be statistically significant).

Remember that these bookmakers never limit and allow very large stakes.

Sometimes it’s great to be wrong :grinning:

What are your experiences with value betting on sharps?

EDIT: Updated stats 2020-01-13


Are these stats from actual matched valuebets? Or records of possible bets?

How would you use sportmarket considering that you don’t actually offer alert services for Betfair, Betdaq or Matchbook?

I’d love to use a bet broker as someone in the uk due to the long-term profit potential, but how many of the bookies that sportmarket offers access to would be restricted because of location?

Does the sportmarket yield include the commission charges?

These are actual placed bets by members.

@poppet1290 Yes, yield includes commission. Sportmarket actually present “net odds”, with commission already removed.

Sportmarket is a broker that includes the exchanges you mentioned. If you’re allowed to register, you will get access to those exchanges. Sadly you cannot register from the UK.

But some good news: We will soon add AsianConnect which supports UK customers.

Nice add AsiaConnect. Do you have an ETA on this? :frowning:

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Well, I have problems with Betinasia odds, so maybe is just because of my country…I will try Sportmarket…Still have access to soft bookies so brokers can wait :slight_smile:

Hopefully soon, in the near future. But I don’t have any specific date just yet, sorry.

Simon, the results certainly look great and with an enough of a sample size, but I am still a bit sceptical until I see a good reasoning how a betting system that gets it true odds from sharps, can profit while betting on sharps.

Hope you, and perhaps some others, could share your thoughts on this.

Anyway, I am super excited about this. In general, you guys are doing a great job with your service!

Btw when betting on shaps even if they don’t limit, the liquidity would be limited.
All valuebetting users can’t get on all bets.

It will still be first in first served.

Is BetInAsia and Sportmarket available for users from Sweden? Im not sure if they have Swedish license or maybe its not needed.

They are available in Sweden.

EDIT: Sportmarket is available in Sweden, not BetInAsia.

Hi Simon thanks for the reply.
I tried searching for them here:

But am unable to find them.

In not sure about me as a user from Sweden. Am I allowed to use these bookmarks if they dont ha e Swedish license? Thanks

Hi Simon

It says on your webside that residents from Sweden are not able to sign up with BetInAsia.

«If you come from France, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Singapore, North Korea or the U.S, you are not able to sign up with BetInAsia, sorry.»

My mistake. BetInAsia is not available in Sweden.

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Hi Simon

How many months/weeks did it take to place this many bets with each broker? 20.000 and 65.000 bets

I tried some time ago BetInAsia. I was fast enough but the odds changed too fast… maybe I will give a shot again.

i do not how matched sportmarkets , untill now i did not see one match with the right odds or it was not avaiable

in 500 matches nothing matched 0.2-0.5 points difference
wow sportmarkets !!!