Bet365 Restriction, what now?


After 8 weeks of value betting with rebelbetting and making over 4K profits (8% yield) my bet365 account has been limited into the ground. The same goes for all my other available sports betting accounts.

What do you guys do after your account gets limited? I live in the Netherlands so there is no legal alternative where I haven’t been limited yet.

I thought about using a friends account, but from what I gather it’s risky. Besides cleaning my browser/cookies and changing my IP what are other steps I should take out of precaution?



Sorry to see you are limited,Thomas, but WOW!! Im impressed with your results. Would you mind sharing your settings with the Community, as we would all love to see returns like yours! ?? Youve made more profit in 8 weeks than Ive made in 6 months!


I use oddsportal / betmonitor and track my bets and CLV. Which causes me to cash-out a lot of value bets that have lost their value, this obviously adds a lot of work aswell. In hindsight I think this is what got my account limited faster. Since one of the things they restricted me on is cashing out, they disabled that entirely.

I tend to always cash-out bets that have less than 2% value compared to odds on Pinnacle. My rebelbetting settings are nothing special, but I will post them below. I bet mainly on football & tennis. I used to make sure I was able to spend most of tuesday, friday and saturday value betting. Tuesday seems to be the best day for tennis and friday and saturday for football.



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Posting the images in seperate posts because I’m only allowed 1 image each post.

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Thanx for yor reply. I thought your settings would be vastly different to mine. There must be something else, I note you only bet on tennis and football, like myself…but our results are so vastly different. Are there any markets within tennis and football that you avoid eg Unders on football? or leagues you avoid? Or is your “secret” the cashing out?


A suggestion that might help you is if you bet on the Exchanges, and you are unlikely to get limited , and if the odds you need arent avaailbale , you could always leave the bets pending?


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Since I live in the Netherlands we do not have legal exchanges available. Sites like BFE are restricted and you can’t make an account there from the Netherlands.

O/U and AH for Football are defintly my best categorie. I try to avoid 3-way football and keep a close eye on my AH tennis bets since they lose their value often.

For example one of my 2 remaining bets on my limited Bet365 account is: Viking FK - Kristiandsund BK U.3.25 @1,825. This bet had 5,42% value when I placed it. The active odds are in the image below and for pinnacle are 1,74. With VIG of ~4,2%. This means pretty much all of the 5,42% value is gone (at this moment it has a 0,66% CLV). I would cash out this bet if I still could.


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BFE restricted

I wish I had your skills and patience :slight_smile:
sorry your not able to access Betfair. I have a lifelong ban with them that they wont overturn, same with Betdaq. I can access only Natchbook and Smarkets ,
both are way inferior to Betfair…so Im in th esame way as you Thomas. I know of another way you can access betfair, but Ive never personally tried it…but through the likes of Bet-in-Asia etc , there is info about it somewhere on Rebel Betting if u send a request to SUPPORT.
Good luck

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Still looking for some advice regarding my issue. Hope someone can help me.


I was also limited on many account following starting value betting, bets365, william hill, 10bet, bwin and sister site, betssen, and many more. some even after 1 bet to 10 bet. bet365 waited for me to make 4000$ with them.

For me, I was down 800$ after 2 weeks betting on everything, I stop betting on odds over 2.5 and I need at least 6% and up value from 2.25 to 2.5, 5% and up from 2.0 to 2.25, 4% and up from 1.75 to 2 and 3% and up from 1.5 to 1.75 and
any value under 1.50. My account took off from under 800$ to now 5300$ in 6 weeks. I plan to ask family member to play using their names and open account with their help

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What do you mean by stopping betting on everything after 2 weeks? Do you mean on every sport, or every odd range? I am super impressed with your 6 weeks earnings!

I mean on every odds. I found that the probability of winning a 3.0 is only 33% of the time. so I was losing to many bets . I decided to bet only on even more value bet .
So that is why I bet only 2.25 to 2.5 with at least 6% value and so on . 2.0 to 2.25 with at least a 5% value, 1.75 to 2.0 with at least 4% , 1.5 to 1.75 with at least 3% value .

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Oh, now I understand, and for clarity, are you betting on every sport and every market? or have you cut some out.? I always lose on Baseball :slight_smile:

I don’t bet on 3 ways

I bet on every sport and esport

I am always nervous betting on 3 way…but here are my stats:-
932 bets on 3 way 10.9% profit ie the best profit of anything I bet on

that is good , for me after 100 bets on 3 ways, It was my biggest loser.

I am limited on most bookies too. Next step? I think:
1, watch market move (line movement). Maybe, there is still some value left at Closing Line on sharps like Pinnacle. Around 3%? I don’t really know. I hope experienced bettors can put some data or exchange some discussions here.
2, catch relatively higher odds before they move further down trend towards Closing Line on sharps, and thus beat no-vig CLosing Line by placing bets a few hours or a few days earlier. This way is more reliable but harder to do so, because it requres experience and some understanding of sports and market.
3, in play live betting
4, build a better model.

I cannot understan why it loses for you…I bet on every league on 3 way, Id bet on a schoolboy match if odds were offered :slight_smile:
Do you bet using kelly or straight bet amounts, or variable bets , eg £10 on odds < 1.50 £5 odds 1.51 -2.00 £2 odds over 2.00 for example?