Bets table an error imaging

Hello community, I’m a new member of RB. I test for now. I want to ask, I just noticed that in the upper right corner 1 match fits my criteria. Well, I don’t see anything in the Bets section of my account. Is it my fault? Thanks for the answer and help.

This is not your fault! It’s a bug. We’ll look into this.

Today I noticed where the mistake is. It looks like the software doesn’t show me 1 match, it still finds it but it doesn’t show up.

Thank you Hanna, I will write if I find that the error has been removed.

Please let us know which bookmakes you have enabled? You can also email us directly at if you want to discuss this privately instead.

please send me screenshots of your filter settings too, And a screenshot of your Options view.

Ok, I only have 1XBet bookie set up at the moment. I tried removing and adding. I tried to set others to 1XBet, but the problem persists. However, it occurred to me that once I suspected he used the snooze function for a valuable bet, and it seems to me that the match is the one that the system has hidden and keeps inactive in this search and does not want to be displayed anymore, since the match is probably finished. But that’s just my opinion and the fault may lie elsewhere. Thank you and your team for solving the problem.

Hanna, just letting you know that I noticed today that everything is fine. This problem of mine seems to be solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will not start a new topic because it is related to the display in my user account. I just noticed in the Tracker tab that my graph is not showing. To be precise, it doesn’t just show up in the ALL section. I am attaching screenshots. @Hanna, can you look at it please? Or does this graph only start showing after a certain number of bets?

Thanks for the explanation / help. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I think this was fixed some time ago.