Coming soon: Sure betting on the web

Sure betting on the web

In just a few weeks the web version of RebelBetting will launch!

You will soon be able to enjoy sure betting on the go, from anywhere, using just your mobile.


  • Steady profit with no or little risk
  • Platform independent - works on any browser
  • Automatic logging of all bets with the BetTracker
  • Automatic bet settlement (for most bets)
  • In-depth reports of your progress

I’m new to this - what is sure betting?

Sure betting turns betting into a solid investment method. You cover all the outcomes of a match, by placing two or three bets on the same match but with different bookmakers. This means you win every time no matter the result of the match. Sure bettors regularly make a steady profit each and every month. Even beginners. Read more about sure betting.

Stay tuned for more info! :partying_face:

/The RebelBetting team