Coming up: One product to rule them all

One product to rule them all

On Monday, January 16 , there will only be one product - RebelBetting - that will include both value bets and sure bets. You’ll also get some shiny new features!

This is what you get:

  • Price discount when subscribing before Monday
  • Both value and sure bets (separate logins and separate BetTrackers)
  • BetTracker export feature (Pro)
  • Betfair Sportsbook (Pro)
  • And all other features that you’re used to

Already a subscriber? You will benefit from this too. Read all about this in our blog:

How can the Betfair sportsbook be a new feature? It has been with VB Pro for quite some time…
Or am I missing something?

A mall bump on my last question. Also when exactly is the new product launched? UTC time? Will it be as the usual “upgrade”? Any new article that explains the new functionality?

As far as I’m aware the current ‘betfair’ setting is betfair exchange. Betfair sportsbook is a soft book that shares odds with paddy power for most markets although they do sometimes have different terms and odds for some horse races. This is based on the UK operation. They are also part of the flutter group which includes Skybet and Pokerstars.


Sorry for the late reply! There will be some downtime from 9 am CET today. You can read more on our blog about the release. Also more details on this page.

Regarding Betfair - we already have Betfair Exchange, but now we´ll be adding Betfair sportsbook too, which is requested by many of our members.


Thank you for clarifying.

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