You can export your bets to Excel/CSV and view CLV (Pro plans only)

I think this was a bit lost in the big release in January, but if you’re on the Pro plan it’s now possible to export all your bets to Excel or CSV file.

This can be used to analyze your strategy. Just remember, you will need multiple thousands of bets before drawing any statistical conclusions.

Let me know what you think!

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Just need to find the time to slice-and-dice the data.


Dear friends,
For those who shared the results in excel format of the pro version, the result of the analyzes carried out with the best settings for each sport and market was sent, considering the number of bets available in the set of all the reports that were sent to me by email.


We also forgot to mention that you can also view the CLV (closing line value) for every bet in the report as well! :smiley:

This has been a requested feature by quite a few members.


Hi Rui. how can i send you my data?

Why would this option also not be available in the standard edition? I don’t quite understand. I am considering upgrading to the pro release however before doing this I want to perform some of my own analysis on the data. If you want your subscribers to be successful then surely there is no harm in opening up this capability in the core offering. It does not make any commercial sense that you would not want to support your community in wanting to leverage the pro (more expensive) offering - if the data speaks then I will make this jump.

Let the community play with the core data and drive some value back into this community with insights that might prove valuable to all.

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