Coming up: Surebetting / Arbitrage betting web app

We have started work on building a web app for RebelBetting, our surebetting / sports arbitrage product that we first launched in 2009. Feels like it’s about time! :slight_smile:


  • Will look and feel similar to the ValueBetting product, and will work on all devices.
  • All your bets will be logged in our BetTracker, giving you reports and charts of your progress.
  • Automatic bet settlement on most bets.
  • Custom filters similar to the ones in value betting.
  • In the future we have plans of combining value betting, sure betting and matched betting into one combined product. So you could value bet, but also grab very high sure bets, and also the most profitable bonuses.

I’d like to hear what you think, especially if you’ve been using surebetting before:

  • What features and improvements would you most like to see?
  • Would you want to both bet on sure bets and value bets at the same time?

Sounds great, and i would definitely consider it.

Would like at the moment to supplement VB with SB, but since im running mac i haven’t found a way to utilize the software. I’ve even had a look at competitors to see if there was a solution (oh…) :wink:

So i’ll look very much forward to the combination

Hi Simon,

I’m using Surebetting for a couple of months now and I’m fairly satisfied with it, however the bookies selection can be improved. I currently live in Denmark and here there are not so many licensed bookies to bet on (due to harsh regulations) and therefore I can only make use of several bookies listed in RebelBetting. This is why I was considering dropping my current Surebetting subscription because I struggle to be in profit with arbing across just a few bookies. Don’t get me wrong, the platform works fine and I can still get some nice arbs here and there. However, I’d relaly much appreciate if you can add,,, to Surebetting.

Regarding your second point of combining sure bets and value bets in the same subscription, I think it won’t be a good idea. This is because Surebetting and Value Betting are totally different products and they shouldn’t be mixed. In my case, I have zero interest in Value Betting and 100% interest in Surebetting :slight_smile:

We’d like to add more Danish bookmakers, but we don’t have that many customers yet. Are either of these bookmakers clones of others? If so, adding them is easy.

This won’t be a problem. We will segment the products so you won’t have to pay for something you’re not interested in.

I can totally understand this, no worries. Not sure if any of these bookmakers are clones, but I’ll let you know if I manage to figure it out. And it’s good to hear that you’ll segment the products :slight_smile: all in all, keep up the good work! :+1: :+1:

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The best provent that i like to see is a product of surebets with low costs, here cause here in my country on South América, Eur costs aproximately 9x the local coin, and for me that Just wanna a few bucks makes it unviable in the long run because having to make almost 1000 just to pay for the program and another 1000 (approximately 10% of The bank) the program made me have to bet a very high amount and It Will kill my accounts with limitation pretty fast