Continue or stop? (big drowdown)

How this even possbile? -750 euros (-25% , one quarter of ALL my money). I’ve made almost 500 bets, 20 per day over the last month, I’ve bet almost 12.000 euros and at this pace I’ll lose all my money in 90 days… I only use Bet365, Bwin and Unibet (the only bookies available in Italy), and I don’t now if I need to stop in order to not burn all my money or continue and hope for better days, but I don’t know how much time I’ll need in order to have my money back…

Sorry to see your unfortunate results. Short-term result doesn’t reflect long-term result. In other words you can’t draw a strong conclusion after 500 bets, after 5000 bets your ROI will better show what to expect in long-term.

My suggestion: decrease the stake % as a damage control and keep going. You may reconsider your settings in overall, happy to assist if you post it in here.

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Perhaps take a break from Bet365 for a while.