DD 20% After 10 days.Help me

hello,I’m from Italy, I just signed up and I’m using the attached parameters but I’m having a DD of almost 20%. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you

Stuff like this happens, you’re having some bad variance. You can look at my thread, I was down between 20 and 35% for over 8 weeks, since then I have a ROI of over 100%.

I hope so. If I close the month with a negative, how should I change the bankroll? Anyway, you think the settings are correct?

Increase the min value to 4% if time to start is 16h.
If you use 3% then maximum 1h to start.
Odds range 1.4 to 2.7 will reduce variance. Kelly staking at 30% (25% will reduce variance because More bets required to put bankroll into play - only if you have the time to pace all those bets).
I strongly suggest that you top-up the bankroll.

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So what do you recommend? my starting bankrool was 1500 now obviously -22% (€330). Do I leave Kelly 30% right now or do I reduce it to 25%?

Kelly at 25, or 30% is depending risk vs reward preference… With Kelly at 25 you will have more mellow down- and up-swings.
Personally I would “pretend” that I have the same BR as before (1500) and keep Kelly at 30%. Only if the whole BR is in play would I actually top up the BR.

ok. Thanks

20% is nothing. I went down to -80% in May :joy:

And now? :slight_smile:

I’m still in DD, I recovered almost nothing

I got to 30%. Let’s hope for a change and it doesn’t reach your DD. How do you manage to get back on track?

sometimes I doubt that the system works seeing also negative experiences. I would like to have some indication from those who manage the service

You reported a loss after a measly 211 bets. You have received a bunch of good advice from community members. There is additionally a lot of information in RB’s documentation on the product and additionally experiences in this community forum. Please use your search skill and you will find that you need many thousands of bets must be placed to have statistical significance and you will also find that mental fortitude is required to deal with DDs.
Stop being a baby that wants everything mushy and spoon-fed!

And I am writing this as an sincere effort to help you to become a better value bettor.

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I will simply continue to bet even if honestly I am also trying other services because a -80% should not exist in a service that I pay dearly

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Okay. Thanks for the advice, I will place many more bets and see how the situation is at the end of the month.

I was 1800-2000 bets (8 weeks) in before I was profitable. Now, 3 weeks later, I have a ROI of over 130% from my original bankroll. Just keep at it, the maths is legit but variance is not nice sometimes.

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Keep the updates please

Ok. Thanks.

Like ppl say. This is a grind. And you need way more bets.

You’ll get there. 211 bets is nothing with this tool. You need large volumes of bets.

So like trashbin said. Read up and educate yourself on how RB really works and you’ll feel more confident to keep grinding away.

Best of luck (variance) to you!