Dear Rebelbetting Team

Happy new year to all of you! I wish you all a good start into the new year!

However, I am not happy here currently. This is not about the fact that I am losing money after a month of more than 100h invested. I believe in the idea and in the maths, I understand variance and the rule of big numbers. I would also be perfectly happy if you made a mistake on your side. Mistakes happen, no problem.
What bothers me is the complete lack of communication. Communication creates trust - and trust is what I am currently losing.
Tell us you see the same with your competitors and thus believe it is variance.
Tell us you made a change and it didnt work.
Even tell us you don’t know whats happening but that you are investigating.
Tell us whatever you know or don’t know. The fact that you are not communicating feels very dishonest. Right now is the time to rather communicate twice a day rather than once. The fact that we currently only receive mails about new products that you are launching, but nothing else, makes me think what your priorities might be. If your priority is rather gathering new customers instead of holding your existing ones, this would be a rather bad sign (not saying it is, but that’s what it feels like).

I am a Pro customer, but I am right now not worried about the cost - I am most likely getting an additional free month anyway. But if you expect me to pay 150.- , I expect you to not shut down your support for a week, also not around christmas. BetInAsia odds are not working for days now but Support is not answering my messages. If I pay Pro price, I expect a Pro service from you.

I sell my own software and I know the struggle of resources, prioritization, external dependencies and so on. Not communicating and supporting is something I can’t understand though and would be a dealbreaker for me.


Totally agree with this. There is clearly something wrong and that shows in the December results (unless you truly believe it is variance). What is really lacking is an explanation of these poor results.

I have been a customer since September and I’m now a Pro customer. From September to November the results were great and its the most profitable service I’ve ever used. In December the results were very poor, especially when you consider the amount of time invested to place all the bets.

I also don’t care if a mistake has been made or if you don’t yet understand the problem. Just please communicate with us. As long as you are communicating with us then I will stick with Rebel Betting, if you don’t then it’s not worth paying 150 per month for.

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BEST DEAL IS NO BETTING …-150 POINTS down month december

I am a supporter of the soft, but the post has very good points indeed.
Feedback is always welcome and everyone here wants the same thing: to get some money after work (betting or selling-developing)!

Guys, I used to think this way, and just kept going. I use onlly two bookies, variance happens you loose you win but you cannot get over the fact if you keep betting you will make money, period!

Yes, if you keep betting will make money. Theorically it’s correct, but unfortunatly I have been at a loss or stationary with my profits since the end of November. So I would like to know when I will be able to return in profit.
I also contacted support last week but didn’t receive response.
I decid to stop my bet for a some days to think about if continue or not. In this moment I am in profit after more 4000 bet, and since the end of november I loss about 40% of profit. I am more then 1000 point under of my ev line.
Somenthing does not working.

I used to agree with this, but after the last 6 weeks I’m not convinced. My results, the results on the Rebel Betting website and the results of other customers on this forum suggest that something hasn’t been working correctly for the last 4-6 weeks.

Sorry guys for the lack of communication during the holidays!

We’re a small team and our support-hero Hanna will be gone for a few months, but we are working on several improvements and I promise communication will be much better the coming months.

You can read about December results here.

Thank you Simon!

Definitely looking forward to the improvements you mentioned!

Is there anything you can share about an ETA for the next update and what is planned? And/or maybe an ETA for closing line EV? :slight_smile:

It’s very high on our priority list :slight_smile:

will you be able to change the EV retrospectively? I am so far off below the EV line that it would only be partly helpful if it only changes from there on.

Yes, your logged bets and all charts will be updated with closing line EV.