Disappearing and updated odds

Example 1:
The system was giving 2.0 ods.

as soon as the bookie dropped to 1.97, the yellow label “disappeared” is enabled and the bet is off the list.

But when I change the odds to 1.97, the bet has still value, and I played it

Example 2:

The software finds this bet, but it removes it

I checked at the bookie and the odds were 2.35 instead of 2.5


I went back, changed the odds manually, the bet had still value, I palyed it and logged it.

That is what I am referring to. The program shall not make it disappear but recalculate with the new odds (exactly what I did manually) and instead of the yellow label “disappeared” to have an other label saying for example “recalculated” or “updated” etc.
Also while I had this popup open, in the background many bets disappeared, that may had the same luck with this (odds dropped, but still profitable).
So before make any bets disappear, the software shall check if there are still profitable and of course inside the selected filters of profitability and after that make it disappear and not make it disappear as soon as there is a change in the bookie odds without recalculating (like it does now)

NO. Do not play value bets when they disappear. The true odds (on the sharp bookmakers) have most likely changed and we don’t consider this a value bet anymore.

When you click on a bet, the soft bookmaker odds are not refreshed in real time. This is something we might add in the future, but we don’t consider it a high priority.

Usually when you click on a bet, you only think for a few seconds before deciding to bet or not. It’s rare that the odds change during these seconds. And you will always see the latest odds on the bookmaker site anyway.

Because we do not know when a bet disappear if it is due to the sharp or soft odds, it would be helpful to have an indication (on the bottom left of the popup window) saying the new soft bookie odds. This way we will know that the sharp odds are ok and we will manually change the odds and if it has still value we place the bet. If the sharp odds change, it shall disappear. This way we can get benefit of bets that have still value. I know that due to system data fetching delay may be some margin for error but it is the best we can do.

I have seen this happening a lot. For example in novibet and Interwetten. I click as soon as the bet appears but it is already changed in the soft bookie. (btw bet 365 and bwin are much slower) Then it takes some seconds to disappear itself from the list. What I do is change the odds manually, see if it has value and close it, wait for the system to automatically make it disappear. (usually after 20-50 secs)
That’s why I suggested the indication on my previous reply, to know if the change is from the soft or sharp bookie cause 30% of the bets I see follow this disappearing pattern and we shall get the most out of them.

Showing odds changes from the soft is possible to implement in a future release.

But your problem is most likely because odds updates from some of your bookmakers are slower than average. We’d much rather prioritize fixing this underlying problem, so odds updates are faster. Thanks for your report, and having patience.

That is true, having faster fetching prices is the priority and the base for further evolution of the software. All comments I made are based on changes occurring in 10-30 sec time windows and the speed of update is crucial.
I got a bet signal, immediately went to bookie, to see that odds have been changed. Software deleted the bet after 40 secs. ( too much delay). It probably had the same delay in receiving the bet, that’s why bookie had already changed it.


BTW, we already show odds changes on the soft bookmaker, I forgot we already implemented this! :smiley:

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