Do NOT use Suprabets!

Dear player,

Your account has been flagged in our database by the Department of Risk and Fraud Prevention due to suspicious activity.

It violeated our terms and conditions, Section 11.5. of our general terms and conditions.

We invite all players to gamble in a recreational environment with fair conduct so that all customers can enjoy our services.

According to our terms We are entitled to void your winnings and retain your balance, but instead we will refund your deposit and close your account.

Please make a withdrawal of your balance that now is your deposit amount.

Thanks for understanding

Best regards,

SB Team

I think this is going to be a long struggle and I won’t get any winnings (around 1.6k)

What a shit betting company couldn’t afford people winning …scams

The only fraud is their business model. Please add any other fraud bookies who don’t pay value bettors here. So we can be aware and avoid them!

Today my funds were confiscated as well. 10 months of work and 1200eur. Just mindblowing. Probably no way to recover my money. I hope rebelbetting will remove suprabets from their software, because it is clearly their businessmodel to scam people.


I am very sorry to hear that. I have sent you a private email, so we can investigate this further. I will reach out to Suprabets and follow up on this situation.

This is probably illegal, and I haven’t heard about it happening to anyone.

Many bookmakers still have this in their terms as a way to intimidate users.

Anyone with media connections? This could make for an interesting story: “Bookmaker X threatens to steal their customers money if they win too much”.


What was the outcome of this investigation?

Suprabets doesn’t answer to my emails and seems that they ignore Hanna as well. It now has been 30days without an answer. They didn’t even return deposit amount. I lost to Suprabets more than i made profits with rebelbetting software in a year. Really frustrating thinking about hundreds of hours of work gone just like that. Makes me want to quit valuebetting for good.

I took a closer look at this bookie today. I read the terms and conditions on their site. My country was on the banned list for registration. I wrote on livechat where I’m from and if I can register and use their services. After 10 minutes of waiting, they wrote me back that they don’t see any problem and I can play with them. So I’ll think about whether it’s worth it after this experience. I would hate to lose my money and time. Maybe I’ll try them with 200 euros and see if it makes sense.

I registered today, I want to top up the account with 200 euros, I go via VPN and use the VISA / MasterCard deposit method. But it doesn’t work, they wrote me on the live chat that I should write to their email, I wrote, so far no answer. Did anyone subsidize with this method today? Did it go without problems?

DO NOT USE SUPRABETS! They will without a doubt take your money and block yor account. I lost my whole years worth valuebetting profit to them, over 1000eur. Not only winnings but also deposit. It has been more than 2 months now and still they don’t reply to any of my emails and now i even tried to file a complaint against them but they just ignore it and don’t even consider giving customers their money back. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I tried to tell rebelbetting team as well to consider removing this bookmaker from their software, but at this point they haven’t removed it. Google Suprabets and read complaints and reviews of them. Complaints against them have piled up in recent months and all of them have same pattern. Players have verified accounts but if player has won more than lost and tries his/hers first withdraw they close account immidiatly and refuse to communicate any further. They don’t have money to repay their customers.

@raidom Thank you again for the new information. I will cancel my account with them and look elsewhere. If anyone has a tip for a decent bookmaker for Europe, who will last a while and doesn’t limit quickly, feel free to write here, thanks in advance. I hope you will at least see your deposits sleep, that should be publicized, incredible audacity from them.

Very worrying that rebelbetting still use suprabet. Surely they must be removed before anyone else loses money in this way.

We are still investigating this. We’ve only heard from one user that their deposit were kept, but still sounds worrying. If it cannot be resolved and we don’t get a reasonable explanation, we will remove them.

Todsy this also happend to me

I warned others and team as well about Suprabets, but noone listens. After 3 months of emails and complaints they gave me back some random amount of money. No profits at all and only about half of my deposit. If you do nothing then you won’t get anything back. With a lot of time and effort towards complaining and using third-party mediators you may get some of the money back. I hope you do. Keep your head up.

Which third Party mediators did you use?

i used They usually only help when there is casino related issues, but if you manage to talk your way to only deal with withdraw or account verification issues then they might still help you. If Suprabets answers them that it is exclusively sports betting issue then will pull the plug and will not help you. RB support Hanna also had a “inside” contact with them and she asked throught it about my situation but that didn’t have an affect i think unfortunately. More of a pressure from my own emails and You also may try to contact Curacao gambling licence providers, but have heard that they are always in favour of bookmaker.
Good luck and i hope after few months you will get some funds back. Even with some funds returned i lost 800eur to them. I hope you will do better.

@Hanna pls delete Suprabets from your list as we all Lost Money because of that

We’ll look into this! Please send me an email to and let me know your Suprabets username, and your full name and I’ll investigate further. Also, I will talk to the RB team about this again and what to do next.

I really hope they return your winnings. Have you trouble with them withholding winnings or is it also winnings + your initial deposit?