Exclusive Sign-up offer with New bet agent BrokerStorm

RebelBetting has teamed up with the new broker BrokerStorm to give you an exclusive offer.

Join BrokerStorm now and choose between two exclusive sign-up offers: Get 0.1% Cashback or 20% Welcome bonus (Up to €200). :trophy:

Why you should use BrokerStorm:

  • Access to multiple Asian Bookmakers through a single account
  • You won’t get limited for winning
  • Smallest deposits and withdrawals in the market (50 EUR)
  • Flexible transactions - accepting all major cryptocurrencies
  • Seamlessly integrated in RebelBetting Pro

Bookmakers available via Brokerstorm: 18bet, 3et, IBCbet, BetISN, Pin88, JAbet, SBO, Sharp, Singbet, VX and multiple exchanges, such as Betfair, Bdaq, Fair, Corso, Mbook, Molly, OrbitX, Betnfair, Winfair24.

What is a bet broker/agent?

A bet broker acts as a middleman between you and the bookmaker (or an exchange) in the process of placing bets. A bet broker will give you single-account access to multiple bookmakers at the same time and provide you with the best odds available on the market. Read more here:

Sure betting and value betting with a broker:

When sure betting with bet brokers like BrokerStorm you also need to use additional soft bookmakers in combination. When value betting you can solely use BrokerStorm but we still recommend you use more bookmakers to maximize your profits.

Read more here about value betting with sharps and check out this thread in our community.

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